Episode 10 of Season One of the Combat Morale Podcast is out today (10.3.22).

Recent doctoral graduate Dr Drew Ryder talks about the motivation and morale of the British Army combatant fighting in in Korea, 1950-53.

You can listen here 

In 1950, communist North Korea attacked its southern neighbour sparking a three year war that lasted until 1953 when an armistice was declared. Britain committed troops as part of a United Nations force and nearly 60,000 British combat troops saw action. They were both professional regular soldiers and conscript national servicemen of which 1,078 killed in action, 2,674 wounded and 1,060 missing or taken prisoner. Drew talks about what motivated soldiers to fight, endure and survive harsh and tough conditions and fight a determined enemy. He has recently completed his PhD at the University of Northumbria.