Ep267 – Morale in the BEF on the Western Front, 1917-8 – Dr Alex Mayhew

Dr Alex Mayhew, a historian of the cultural, military, and social history of war and also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, talks about his research into the morale of the British soldier in the final 18 months of the Great War. He and the host, talk about their respective perspectives on morale and motivation of the British soldier in the last two years of the war. They consider the respective importance of small group cohesion, social norms, junior leadership and ideology. The transcript to the interview is here (Note: check against delivery):  Ep267_Morale_in_the_BEF_on_the_Western_Front_1917_8_Dr_Alex_Mayhew

More information about Alex can be found at https://www.alexmayhew.co.uk/