Ep276a – Walking the Western Front Way – Sir Anthony Seldon

Author, historian and educationalist, Sir Anthony Seldon talks about his new book ‘The Path of Peace’ which is his memoir of walking the Western Front Way in 2021. This route stretches 1,000 kilometres from Switzerland to the Channel Coast. The idea was inspired by a young British soldier of the First World War, Alexander Douglas Gillespie, who dreamed of creating a ‘Via Sacra’ that the men, women and children of Europe could walk to honour the fallen after the war. Today, the Western Front Way is a trail of paths and hiking trails along what used to be the battlefields of the Western Front (https://thewesternfrontway.com/). Listeners to the podcast are able to get a £5 off the recommended retail price at Waterstones.com until the end of November 2022. by using the code PEACE22. This is published by Atlantic Books.