Ep323 – Irish divisions at Langemark – Michael Nugent

In this episode of the Mentioned in Dispatches Podcast, Michael Nugent delves into his book ‘A Bad Day, I Fear,’ shedding light on a little-known chapter of World War I history. Join us as we explore the tragic Battle of Langemarck on August 16, 1917, where the 16th (Irish) Division and 36th (Ulster) Division, after their previous success at Messines, faced an unmitigated disaster. Nugent unravels the causes behind the failure to capitalize on their previous victory, including a lack of urgency, tactical misunderstandings, and mismanagement of crucial assets. Discover how the delay between the Messines offensive and the Third Battle of Ypres allowed the Germans to fortify their defences, leading to a harrowing two weeks of constant shelling and adverse weather conditions. Through contemporary accounts and in-depth analysis, we gain a new perspective on the tragic events of that fateful day and the impact it had on Ireland and its divisions. This book is published by Helion & Company.