Ep325 – County Mayo, 1912-23 – Prof Joost Augusteijn

Tune in to the latest Mentioned in Dispatches Podcast, where we engage in a compelling conversation with Professor Joost Augusteijn about his in-depth study of County Mayo, 1912-23. Delving into a period of unprecedented turmoil, this examination offers a comprehensive look at all facets of life in County Mayo during the revolutionary era. Joost draws from a diverse range of sources, including memoirs, interviews with former IRA members, newspaper reports, police records, and official documents from both British authorities and Sinn Féin-led governments. The narrative commences with an exploration of the pivotal role of the land question in Mayo’s political landscape prior to World War I and reveals how Sinn Féin successfully challenged the entrenched Irish Party’s influence post-1916. The book underscores the significance of notable nationalist figures such as Michael Davitt, William O’Brien, James Dillon, and John MacBride in local developments. It also delves into the impact of World War I on the shifting dynamics of various political groups and marginalized segments of Mayo’s population, including unionists, suffragettes, and labour activists. A central theme is the gradual radicalization of activists and their growing confrontation with authorities, drawing increasing numbers of Mayo residents into the fold. The book’s focus on how daily life was affected adds depth to the narrative, culminating in a comprehensive account of Mayo’s experiences during the Civil War. Don’t miss this engaging exploration of a pivotal period in County Mayo’s history. Published by Four Courts Press Ltd.