Ep327 – The Atlas of the Irish Revolution and Cork – Dr John Borgonovo

In the latest episode of the Mentioned in Dispatches Podcast, Dr. John Borgonovo takes us on a captivating journey through the Irish Revolution with a particular focus on its impact in Cork. The discussion revolves around “The Atlas of the Irish Revolution,” a landmark publication that offers a uniquely accessible perspective on this transformative period. With over 350 original maps and 700 images, this atlas features contributions from over 100 leading scholars, shedding light on the pivotal years from the 1912 Home Rule crisis to the conclusion of the Irish Civil War in 1923. Utilizing extensive original data, including newly-released archival material, the atlas maps social, demographic, political, and cultural changes, as well as the economic impacts of the revolution. It unravels the local and regional variations that played a crucial role in shaping the course of the Irish revolution, illustrating that while it was a ‘national’ event, it was deeply influenced by diverse local dynamics. The podcast also delves into the international dimensions of the revolution, set against the backdrop of the First World War and its aftermath, which brought global attention to Ireland’s challenge to the British imperial project. The roles of women and workers, often overlooked, are brought to the forefront, while the legacies of the revolution, including collective memories and cultural representations, are examined. “The Atlas of the Irish Revolution” not only engages academics but also brings history to life for general readers and students, making it a groundbreaking contribution to the historical geography of these compelling years of conflict, continuity, and change. This book is published by Cork University Press.