Ep336 – French Generals of the Great War – Dr Jonathan Krause & Prof. William Philpott

In this thought-provoking episode, Dr. Jonathan Krause and Professor William Philpott illuminate the lives and leadership of the senior French generals who shaped the course of the First World War based on their recent book. Despite commanding the largest force on the Western Front and ultimately achieving victory, these generals remain largely obscured in historical accounts. Drawing from a wealth of primary source material housed in France’s military archives, this episode offers fresh insights into their strategies, successes, and challenges. Dr. Krause’s expertise in French colonial history during WWI and Professor Philpott’s research in 20th-century warfare provide a comprehensive understanding of the political, strategic, and personal dimensions of these generals’ roles. From international acclaim to internal mutinies, their stories reveal the complexities of wartime leadership and the enduring legacy of the Great War.

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