Below are the projects that I’m currently engaged in.

The projects I am currently or have been involved in are:

  1. OLE3039. Running the ‘Social History of Belfast and its Residents, 1798 to 1914’ as part of Queen’s University Belfast Open Learning programme.
  2. Morale on the Eastern Front. This project seeks to make a small contribution to the understanding of combat motivation and morale of German and axis forces fighting on the Eastern Front during the Second World War.
  3. Cohesion in the trenches is the working title of the monograph I have drafted based on my 2017 PhD thesis.
  4. Leicestershire soldiers. In 2017, I was commissioned by the Century of Stories programme to investigate the motivation of men from Leicestershire to serve, fight and persevere during the Great War.
  5. The Men Behind the Glass. I was the project manager of the ‘The Men Behind the Glass’ project. This collective title given to the photographs of many of the 127 pupils and one staff member killed in the Great War that sit in the grand Central Hall at Campbell College Belfast (CCB). These images are embedded in glass-fronted frames in the recesses of the Edwardian wood panelling in the Hall.
  6. London Pride – a capital initiative. London Pride is an academic research project into the military, social, literary and cultural aspects of the London Regiment and London Territorial Force (TF) from its formation in 1908, through its service in the Great War, to its disembodiment in 1921.