Presenting on 9 November 2018 at De Montford University


Below is a list of conferences I have organised and given presentations at.


5 Oct 2019

‘The Legacies of War’, Ireland branches of the WFA, Dublin Port, Dublin, Ireland.

9 May 2019

‘The Consequences of War’, Antrim and Down Branch WFA (ADWFA), Public Record Officer Northern Ireland (PRONI), Belfast.

14 Nov 2018

‘War Stories: Community Perspectives from the Centenary’, a joint conference with Linen Hall Library (LHL), Belfast, PRONI and ADWFA, held at the LHL.

8 Oct 2016

‘Year of the Somme: The Battle at Home, at Sea, in the Air and on Land’ conference, ADWFA, held at PRONI.

5 Nov 2015

‘Playing the Game: Sport, Ireland and The Great War’, a joint conference between the ADWFA and PRONI.

10 Oct 2015

‘United and Divided: The Impact of the First World War on Britain, Ireland, and the Empire’, a joint conference between Cork, Dublin, Antrim and Down WFA Branches in Cork, Ireland.

30 Apr 2015

‘Ireland and Gallipoli Conference’, a joint ADWFA and PRONI conference at PRONI.




10 Mar 2021

German combat motivation on the Eastern Front during the Second World War, PRONI/ADWFA.

5 Feb 2021

‘For Fatherland and Fuhrer? A survey into the role of ideology in fighting morale amongst German combatants fighting on the Eastern Front, 1941-45’, QUB History Research Seminars (via Teams).

28 Feb 2020

‘The impact of officer attrition on inter-rank relations and unit culture during the Great War; the case study of in the 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles’, Irish History Students’ Association 2020 Annual Conference, University College Dublin, Dublin.

14 Nov 2019

‘Investigating the “The Six Week Myth”, Beyond the centenaries: Taking forward the story of the FWW’, ADWFA branch and PRONI.

27 Jun 2019

‘Did patriotism “die in the trenches?’, ‘The First World War: Past, Present, and Future conference’, First World War Network, Edinburgh Napier University.

20 Jun 2019

‘Team Building for Battle: How the British Army built Military Cohesion during WW1’, ‘Preparing for Battle’ Conference, University of Leeds.

14 Nov 2018

‘Campbell College and the First World War’, ‘War Stories’ Conference. organised by the ADWFA, Linen Hall Library and PRONI.

9 Nov 2018

‘Why They Enlisted, Served and Killed; Motivation of Leicestershire Servicemen During the Great War’, ‘Century of Stories’ project of Leicestershire County Council, Leicester.

1 Nov 2018

‘Combat Motivation in the London Regiment during the Great War’, London branch, WFA.

27 Oct 2018

‘Military group cohesion in the BEF during 1918: a forgotten key to victory?’, The Final Campaigns of 1918 Conference, WFA and British Commission for Military History (BCMH).

6 Sep 2018

‘Unit cohesion in ‘1918: a forgotten factor in the BEF’s victory?’, ‘The End of the War & the Reshaping of a Century’ Conference, University of Wolverhampton (with WFA).

10 May 2018

‘Campbell College Belfast in the Great War’, ADWFA.

8 Feb 2018

‘The Battle of Messines’, to the Greater Dunmurry Positive Relations Partnership.

2 Jun 2017

‘The British Army in 1917’, Battle of Messines lunchtime lecture series, PRONI.

1 Apr 2017

‘Between the Mission and Mutiny: 56th Division in 1917’, ‘Armies of 1917 Conference’, BCMH/WFA.

26 Nov 2016

‘The impact of tactical and technological change on infantry platoons in the Great War’ at BCMH New Researchers Conference at Institute of Historical Research.

13 Nov 2015

‘Military Group Cohesion’, QUB’s Postgraduate History Seminar Series.

5 Nov 2015

‘The Military Value of Sport’, ‘Playing the Game: Sport, Ireland and The Great War’ conference organised by PRONI and WFA.

8 Oct 2015

‘Spirit building training or morale sapping slaughter?: Raiding on the Western Front’, ADWFA.

14 Jun 2015

‘Uniting in the present based on the past? Historical learning on military group cohesion in the Great War’, ‘Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice’, The 3rd Annual Defence Studies Conference, Joint Services Command and Staff College, Shrivenham.

22 May 2015

‘Exploring WW1 through the Western Front Association’, ‘WW1 and You’ conference, Libraries NI and Living Legacies.

30 Apr 2015

‘Naval Operations in the Dardanelles’, ‘Ireland and Gallipoli’ Conference, WFA and PRONI.

22 Nov 2014

‘The six-week myth: an infantryman’s life expectancy on the Western Front in the Great War’ at BCMH New Researchers Conference at University of Wolverhampton.

22 Nov 2013

‘The impact of vertical military group cohesion in London Regiment Territorial Force infantry battalions during the Great War’ at BCMH New Researchers Conference at University of Kent.

1 Feb 2013

‘Military Group Cohesion’, Joint Services Command and Staff College.

6 Dec 2012

‘Art and London in the Great War’ (with David Cohen), London branch, WFA.

5 Apr 2007

‘The Kensingtons at Aubers Ridge, 1915’, London branch, WFA.