Ep241 – Simon Verdegem – Lost but not forgotten. The archaeological recovery of FWW casualties

Belgian battlefield archaeologist Simon Verdegem talks about his work recovering First World War casualties in Belgium. The former battlefields of Belgium still harbour their mortal remains. It is estimated that around 55,000 British war dead have never been recovered. Every year the remains of Great War soldiers are recovered each year through archaeological digs that are held advance of building, development and other projects. Simon talks about the process for conducting archaeological investigations and what can be learnt from such activities. He is the head archaeologist for Skylarcs, a non-profit organisation (https://bit.ly/3GqWw2E) that aims to promote and conduct research of conflict archaeology and military history. He was also engaged in the DigHill80 project that recently recovered soldiers in the Wijtschate area (see https://bit.ly/3GoMFKM).