Ep335 – Colin Hutchinson and the RFA – David Keable-Elliot

In this riveting episode, former GP and author Colin Hutchinson takes us on a compelling journey through the history of the Royal Field Artillery during World War I, as depicted in his book, “The Young Gunner.” Drawing from the letters and journals of Second Lieutenant Colin Hutchinson, David’s relative, the narrative unfolds the gripping tales of front-line action across thirteen battles on the Western Front, including pivotal engagements such as Mons 1914, Ypres 1915, The Somme 1916, Passchendaele 1917, and Ypres 1918. Through Hutchinson’s vivid accounts, listeners gain profound insights into the realities of life on the front line and the tactical intricacies of artillery deployment in battle. Moreover, Hutchinson’s perspective offers valuable reflections on the reasons behind the staggering casualties of the war and the slow adoption of necessary tactical changes. With copious factual footnotes and detailed maps, “The Young Gunner” emerges as an indispensable resource for military history enthusiasts, shedding new light on the experiences of the 140,000 men who served in the Royal Field Artillery during the First World War.