Ep324 – Field Marshal the Earl of Cavan – Dr Michael Senior

Join us in the latest episode of the Mentioned in Dispatches Podcast as we delve into the life and career of Field Marshal Lord Cavan. In this enlightening conversation with Dr. Michael Senior, author of the recently published book ‘Field Marshal the Earl of Cavan: Soldier and Fox Hunter,’ we explore the multifaceted character of a distinguished British army commander. Cavan’s legacy was a subject of debate among his contemporaries, with some dismissing him as ignorant and vain, while others lauded his calm self-confidence and leadership. Uncover the real qualities and achievements of this often-neglected officer, who served in the Boer War, World War I, and played a pivotal role in post-war army reductions. Michael Senior offers a comprehensive biography, assessing Cavan as a leader, corps commander, and administrator, positioning him among the foremost soldiers of his era. We also delve into Cavan’s personal life, his aristocratic background, wealth, and his love for fox hunting, shedding light on how these factors influenced his actions in both war and peace. This episode is a fascinating exploration of a remarkable figure in British military history. This book is published by Pen & Sword.