Episode 11 of Season One of the Combat Morale Podcast is out today (17.3.22).

Dr Linsey Robb, Associate Professor in Modern British History at the University of Northumbria, talks about the motivation of the British civilian worker in WW2.

You can listen here https://bit.ly/3KViBbx

During the Second World War, The British government mobilised civilians more effectively than any other combatant nation. By 1944, a third of the civilian population were engaged in war work, including over 7,000,000 women. Linsey talks about what motivated these workers to contribute to the war effort and how this changed over the course of the war. She is a social and cultural historian of warfare and completed her undergraduate degree and PhD at the University of Strathclyde (with an MSc in Social History from the University of Glasgow), graduating for the final time in July 2013. She then taught at Teesside University (2015-2017) before joining Northumbria University in September 2017.
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